Space Clearing

An Ancient and Honored Tradition

Space clearing is an ancient and honored practice found in the cultures of most native peoples. Today space clearing practitioners draw on both ancient and new techniques to lovingly release dark, stagnant or painful energies from environments so the home or office can provide full energetic support for those who inhabit the space. A house becomes a template for a home for the soul, or an office for the energy and goals of the company.

Everything is Energy

Everything, including our homes and offices, is composed of constantly changing energy -- physical energies of the structure and the objects within and around it, earth energies, emotional energies, and spiritual and etheric energies.

We are not separate from the world around us, including our physical environment. Our home or office is an outer manifestation of our inner energy, and mirrors our individual or corporate consciousness. Just as the mind/body connection is now widely upheld, increasingly the environmental body is also recognized as connected to our health and well-being.

Everything has consciousness, including our built environment. Homes are nourished by how we hold them in our hearts. The love given and received within them is crucial. To quote my teacher, Denise Linn, in her book, Sacred Space, "The regard in which you hold your home can rouse an ancient and replenishing spirit from the deep to fill your home; this power can heal you in the very center of your soul and heart."

Discover ...

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     When is the time to clear space?
     What is involved in a space clearing consultation?
     What results can occur?
     Why call a professional?
     What are the best books on space clearing?


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