When Is the Time to Clear Space?

Releasing Traumatic Events and Emotions
     Financial failure
     Illness, death, loss
     Conflict, anger

Selling or Buying Property
     When you move out of a building, to speed resale.
     When you move into a new space, to make the space fully yours and free you from the
           energy of former events and occupants.

Boosting Business
     When you want to boost morale and profits, at a time of new beginning, or to support a
           shift in plan or emphasis.

Supporting Healing or Easing Dying
     When someone is ill, to provide support for healing, at home or in the hospital room.
     When someone is dying, to provide support for a peaceful passage.

Releasing Ghosts
     When you feel there are other presences in your space, such as ghosts.

Creating Maximum Support for Positive Change
     When you feel stuck in life, or just generally "down."
     When you want to attract new opportunities in your life.
     When you need a thorough spring cleaning at all levels. Many engage in a New Year
           space clearing to set themselves on a fresh course.


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