Core Belief Work

Core Belief Work

The purpose of this work is to identify and change underlying subconscious habits of thought and belief that persistently bring experiences we don’t want, even when we consciously try to focus ourselves more positively.

Together we work to:

Identify belief structures interfering with health, happiness and success.

Remove limiting beliefs and install positive counterparts, allowing forward progress in life.

Help the body integrate new beliefs and stabilize new behaviors.

Sample Core Belief System: Fear of Failure/Success

Negative Program: To succeed I must express myself.
Negative Program: Expressing myself brings conflict and loss.
Positive Program: Expressing myself is easy and brings success.

Negative Program: To succeed I have to control everything.
Positive Program: I trust that I know the next step to take for success.

Limiting Belief: Success is impossible to assure.
Limiting Belief: The steps I take will not bear fruit.
Supportive Belief: Each step will take me closer to success.
I can easily correct my course as needed.

Limiting Belief: If success comes it will be taken away.
Limiting Belief: It’s better not to start or try.
Supportive Belief: I can enjoy success and the process of moving towards it.

Faulty Core Belief: I don’t deserve success.
Empowering Core Belief: I deserve to enjoy everything that life has to offer.

Faulty Core Belief: I must constantly struggle to maintain the way things are.
Empowering Core Belief: Life is easy and I can shape it with my thoughts and feelings.

More Information:

This work, officially known as Three Dimensional (T3) Therapy, was founded by Gwen Legler, MSW, who partners with Leilani Alexander.



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