Energy Healing

We Are More Than Meets the Eye

Energy healing works with the greater energy body we all have in addition to our dense physical bodies.  Many now believe that illness or discomfort arises first in our emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects before it manifests in the physical.  If, as healers, we work only on the physical symptoms and effects, we have not addressed the cause.  Relief will be only temporary as the deeper disturbance remains.  Energy healing works also with the invisible but crucially important facets of our total self to directly address the levels at which disease originates.

In fact, unexpected changes may occur in a person’s life before the physical level begins to respond.  A reiki client wanting help with leg pain sat down after the first session and wrote the outline for a children’s book she had planned for years.  The blocked creative energy was contributing to her physical ailment.  After a few more sessions her leg pain was also eliminated.

We are amazing, mysterious, multifaceted creatures, and our own innate wisdom guides healing energy in the way that works best for us.


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