What Is Involved in a Space Clearing Consultation?

Assessment Visit
I visit the space first to assess the space as well as your needs and intentions. You must focus clearly, specifically and vividly on your intentions for the clearing and your life or business.

The space must be physically clean before the space clearing ceremony. The less physical
clutter, the more powerful the space clearing will be. I encourage you to release things you don't love or use prior to the clearing, in order to make room for vibrant new energy.

I return to do the clearing on another day. It is a physical and spiritual process, using
intention, prayer, ceremony and a number of vibrational tools (such as a drum, gong, bell, feather, incense, fire) to shift the energy.  I may create an altar and flower offerings in each room, and then make a series of rounds in the house to dislodge old energy, purify the space, imbue it with positive healing energy and intention, and seal it.

Your Participation
It is not necessary for you to be present for the clearing, although many appreciate the power and beauty of the ceremony in honor of their space and their lives. Some wish to be present just at the beginning for the creation of the altar and initiation of the ceremony.

Imprinting Intention
A cleared space is similar to a sparkling new refrigerator - it is ready to support you but needs to be filled with nourishment. I work with you to imprint on the cleared space your life vision or business goals so a framework of invisible support upholds you.


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