Prayer-Inspired Jewelry

Creating from the Source

In creating my beaded jewelry I prayerfully invite the universal source of spiritual, healing, and creative energy to use my mind and hands as instruments.  Original designs, many one of a kind, emerge organically from prayer and meditation, including a watch line, Transformation Time.  My designs often incorporate natural objects, semi-precious stones and items with specific spiritual connotations or uses.  All are infused with the healing energy of reiki.

I work with beads, honoring their beauty and the cultural and spiritual information they
carry.  Most beads tell a story and evoke a story in those who thoughtfully regard them.  Gemstone beads carry inherent healing energies unique to their type.  Other beads tell stories of distant times and places, of cultures and traditions, of particular artists and often of spiritual beliefs and practices.  For the wearer, they may evoke stories of people important to them, a significant event or experience, a quality in themselves to remember, a healing attribute they wish to emphasize, a spiritual principle they hold dear, a prayer.

The word bead, in fact, derives from the Anglo-Saxon word bede, which means prayer, and beads have been used for prayer in many ages by many cultures.


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