What Results Can Occur?

Every space and every person responds differently, but here are some typical results in different situations.

     The space feels clear and sparkling. The quality of light is different - the air actually looks
           different. It is easier to breathe.

     You feel much freer to move forward in life as you desire. It's as if a heavy load is
           lifted from you and your own energy is no longer impeded.

     The space begins to attract new people and opportunities.

     If a property is for sale but not selling, a buyer comes quickly.

     Someone terminally ill can release old attachments to earth and let go of life easily and

     A person unable to make headway in de-cluttering is freed to take those steps.

     Someone who feels there are spaces they can't work with or live in for an inexplicable
           reason (often the remaining presence of someone who lived there) can now joyously
           use the space.

     Health, luck and finances improve.

     Ghosts are lovingly guided to the light and no longer need inhabit the earthly spaces in
           which you live and work.

All of these things and more have actually happened to my clients; I am happy to provide more details.


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