Why Clear the Unseen Energy of a Space?

Make Your Space Truly Yours

We wouldn't live in a room full of physical garbage; it is just as unhealthy to live with invisible waste material. We wouldn’t want to live with all the people who have ever lived in our space; it is also undesirable to live with the invisible aftermath of their presence.

The impact of builders, visitors and residents and all events in a space remain as an invisible energy residue long after the person has left or the event is over. This impact is recognized legally in real estate transactions. In some states, sellers must disclose if a suicide ever occurred in a house.

Unfortunate experiences of former occupants can echo in your own life.  For example, if prior occupants divorced, your relationship may experience difficulties.  If the former owner went bankrupt, your finances may suffer.

Our own emotional residue also accumulates and becomes stagnant, sometimes painful energy.

Invisible imprints from the past can lessen our own energy, keep us stuck in our patterns, even cause emotional states -- depression, anger, anxiety, sadness -- and physical illness.

For our lives and goals to have maximum support, we need clean, clear space, physically and energetically.


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