Why Call a Professional?

Can I clear my own space with the help of books?

It is possible for someone to clear their own space, but I don't normally recommend it, for      the following reasons:

   If you wish to clear your own energies, you may be bringing some of those very energies
      to the task, lessening the impact of your work. Professionals know how to clear
      themselves prior to working in anyone else's space.

   If you are not accustomed to working with strong, dark or negative-feeling energies, you
      may not be able to prevent them from becoming attached to your energy field.
      Professionals are experienced with these energies and know how to protect against

   If you are sensitive, sometimes working with present energies at a deeper level attunes
      you to the pain or sadness or those energies, which may be disturbing or

   Unless you are accustomed to reading energies, you may be unaware of what you are
      getting into, with the possibility of facing unexpected difficulties.

   You may also not be able to accurately gauge whether you have in fact successfully
      cleared the space. Stirring up energies without resolution can cause other problems.

It is safest and easiest to engage someone professionally qualified to clear space!


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