Angelic Grids & Necklaces

Angelic Crystal Grids Protect and Bless You and Your Space

Angelic Grids for Homes, Businesses, Vehicles. 
I install angelic crystal grids in homes, businesses and vehicles. Small clear quartz crystal points wrapped with copper wire are strategically placed in a sacred geometric pattern at or near ceiling height.
Much of my work is done in concert with the archangels, and they help to create and sustain these grids. They are infused with many positive energies through prayer and ceremony.

People who experienced the grids for their spaces so appreciated their high vibrational energies and protection that they asked me to design a wearable grid to be always with them. In response, I designed angelic crystal grid necklaces.

Grid Benefits:

  • Neutralize electromagnetic energies from building wiring, appliances and other devices.
  • Block entry of external electromagnetic or other destructive energies.
  • Protect from invisible beings or energies that may intend harm.
  • Increase balance, groundedness, and vibrational frequency of energy.
  • Increase energetic support for all beings living or working in the space.
  • Attract positive life force.
  • Provide an ongoing infusion of angelic vibrations and love.

If I come in person to assess the space for location of the crystals, and place the crystals myself, the process takes several hours, with time varying according to size and complexity of space.
If you are not local or wish to place the crystals yourself, with a floor plan I can mark the spots to place the crystals and mail the necessary wrapped crystals to you.
Angelic Crystal Grid Necklaces. 
I designed these to provide the wearer with the same protection available from being in a gridded space. I can make them with crystals of various sizes and for men as well as women. They are simple but very powerful. Here’s one example of an angelic grid necklace:

Grid Necklace

The work of Joseph Crane and G.W. Hardin with a grid given by Archangel Michael inspired our Sunday Goddess Group to explore the energy of grids. Archangel Gabriel gave members Jeff St. Rose ( and William St. Rose a different grid easily used in interior spaces, and member Patricia Shetley received guidance to place it on ceilings for protection. Jeff and William applied it to their space and taught me. I adapted them to cars and created the wearable angelic grid necklaces. Always and everywhere, thanks to the archangels who inspired us all and the guides who taught us through our experiences as we began to provide the grids to others.



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