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A Vassar graduate in music, I initially pursued a career in nonprofit management, including 15 years with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  But from an early age I had been strongly drawn to spirit and energy, and eventually those interests claimed my professional life as well.

My own spiritual journey includes lifelong membership and lay leadership in the Episcopal Church, followed by exploration and practice of Eastern spiritual traditions and in-depth experience with newer, less institutionalized spiritual paths, as well as many years of participation in a 12-step program.  I feel comfortably grounded in these varied areas and able to integrate them.

In 1986, I risked more fully into a decision to put Spirit first in my life by resigning from my job of 15 years and allowing Spirit to guide me into award-winning leadership roles in AIDS ministry as founding president of Episcopal Caring Response to AIDS, organizing staff for the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition, and co-creator and manager of a program of spiritual retreats for people living with HIV.  My ongoing life encounter with death through successive deaths of family members equipped me well for work with life-threatening illness.  Work and experience with addiction laid the foundation for another area of special contribution.

More recently, drawing on my lifelong sense of connection with angels, I have engaged in a process of emotional clearing and guidance from the archangelic realm.  While it infuses all my work, it manifests very specifically in bracelets channeled for individuals to assist them in their own emotional clearing, spiritual development, and expression of life purpose.

Trainings include, in addition to numerous courses and intensive workshops on healing, death and dying, the grief process, spiritual development and practice, and psychology:

  • Two-year Spiritual Guidance Program of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Development     in Bethesda, Maryland;
  • Living in Community residency at the Findhorn Spiritual Community in northern Scotland;
  • Working from the Heart, a nine-month program for personal integration of psychology,      spirituality and vocation;
  • Three years of Education for Ministry, a theological extension seminar of the University     of the South;
  • Level I, II and III Reiki trainings in the Usui System of Natural Healing;
  • Theta Healing Basic Training;
  • Denise Linn’s Soul Coaching Certification Program;
  • Denise Linn's Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng Shui Certification Program;
  • New York School of Feng Shui Practitioner Training Certification Program (12-month program);
  • Various Programs of School of Chinese Metaphysics/Feng Shui SOS
    Including: Business/Commercial Office Space Feng Shui, Water Placement Methods, Basic Flying Star, Advanced Flying Star, Date Selection (Xuan Kong Da Gua), Eight House/Eight Mansions.


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