What is Soul Coaching?

The Soul Loves the Truth

Soul coaching was pioneered by Denise Linn, internationally acclaimed teacher, healer and author. This powerful process takes you to your spiritual source and helps you hear and heed the deep wisdom of your soul in your every day life.  It clears away the inner debris that blocks your innermost truths.  Powerful exercises combine with your intention, commitment and action to create powerful change in your life.

Some goals are to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life; to tell the truth to yourself about your life; to discover your mission and purpose and plan your life accordingly; to
de-clutter your home as a means of de-cluttering your soul; to find your sacred and holy inner place.  Denise’s soul coaching web site is www.Soul-Coaching.com.

Denise's book, Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discovering Your Authentic Self, outlines a program of specific daily exercises to help detoxify your soul.  Each week draws on the energies of one of the four elements -- air, water, fire and earth -- linking the process of soul exploration with the processes of nature.

The work is highly experiential. Exercises include guided visualizations to hear your soul's messages, movement, creative expression, soul collage, journaling, life assessments, risking new behaviors, and exploring meanings you give to your experiences.

Unlike methods that provide information TO you, this experience is geared to allow wisdom to come THROUGH you by means of exercises and explorations tailored specifically for you.


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