What Is Spiritual Direction?

A Ancient Tradition Broadened for All Spiritual Paths

Spiritual direction developed from an ancient Christian tradition now broadened to encompass other spiritual paths. A spiritual guide companions you in deepening and strengthening conscious contact with your spiritual source and to reflect the leadings of that source in living your life.

In Western Christendom, the tradition of spiritual guidance dates from the 4th century when the desert fathers provided direction to monastic seekers.  Eastern Hindu and Buddhist traditions, different in form, have even more ancient roots.   Today spiritual direction is practiced by clergy and laity of many diverse faith disciplines, both within spiritual communities and among those wishing to sustain a spiritual focus while active in the secular world.

I listen, help you articulate the truths hidden within your experience, suggest avenues of spiritual inquiry and deepening, and help identify practical steps from a spiritual perspective.

I offer prayerful presence in spiritual friendship before the ultimate spiritual source however you may name it.


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