Meditative Playshops

A Wellspring of Creativity

These thoughtful but playful events combine meditation, poetry, music, readings, silence and bead selection in such a way that you create a spiritually meaningful, wearable symbolic circle representing an aspect of your inner journey. They are designed to activate your right brain, open your creative flow, and allow your deep well of wisdom to guide you.

The first, Wearing a Circle of Prayer, made its debut at Washington National Cathedral in 1996 as part of its first women’s spirituality conference, Sacred Circles, and has been oft repeated elsewhere. Many playshop topics are now offered, and I can design new ones to meet your needs.  You’ll find details in the workshop section under jewelry playshops.

Magnificent Creations
Many who come to these playshops arrive convinced they are not creative.  This experience proves them wrong. Time and again participants dazzle me with their beautiful, innovative work. They themselves are astonished to behold what they have brought forth.

You are no exception. You will love your creation!


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