Jewelry Playshops

These meditative playshops help you create a wearable symbolic circle representing your inner journey.

Playshop Topics

Wearing a Circle of Prayer
Throughout the world, throughout the centuries, beads have assisted prayer and embodied spiritual meaning for their wearers.  Small enough to carry wherever one goes, they offer the tangible reminder and comfort of spiritual presence.  In this workshop participants use beads and other stringable objects as expressions of their own spiritual experience.  Each person creates from the shape, color and texture of her spiritual journey a sacred circle of prayer for her life to wear in celebration and support as the journey continues.

Wearing a Circle of Unity
Participants reflect on how varied spiritual traditions illuminate the deep inner truths that pervade all approaches to the holy mystery. Each person completes a wearable dance of color, shape, texture and symbolism that celebrates the unity in diversity.

Wearing a Circle of Hope
Many researchers who have studied the effects of support groups on people living with cancer agree that effective, positive support by a group of peers can make a remarkable difference in their ability to feel in control of their lives and emotionally more comfortable. In the same way, the creativity of right-brain play offers healing and can release the energy which ignites hope. In this workshop, cancer patients reflect on the ways living with cancer can challenge or deepen their spiritual connection and identify their sources of hope.  Participants create a wearable representation of their journey with cancer and their lifeline of hope.

Wearing a Circle of Love
Participants reflect on their own experiences of giving and receiving love--be it human,
spiritual, romantic, familial, universal.  Each person creates from the shape, color and texture of their own journey of love, a sacred circle of love-filled prayer to wear in celebration and support as love leads them on.  Alternatively, if desired, a person may choose create a prayerful reflection of love for someone else to give as a wearable gift of love.

Wearing a Circle of Strength
Participants reflect on what it means for a woman to lead strongly from connection with her spiritual source. Each person embodies her own spiritual sources, experiences and principles of leadership in a sacred wearable circle.

Playshop Structure
Each playshop includes the following elements:

     A brief historical perspective on the use of beads and the experiences of previous
           workshop participants in the creative process.
     Scope of the Day – an overview of the day.
     Five focal groupings of music, poetry, readings, from various spiritual and secular sources
           organized around topics related to the themes of the workshop. Each grouping is
           followed by a period of silent reflection to allow participants to consider what arises
           from the material provided.
     Invitation to gather any materials that the participant that the participant is drawn to.
           Working intuitively to gather materials is encouraged.
     Basic instructions on the use of the materials and invitation to begin work.
     Instructor moves around the room offering individual assistance and support.
     Closing – participants are offered an opportunity to discuss the meaning of their finished
           piece if they so desire.
     Ceremonial ending.

Playshop Lengths and Locations
I offer small playshops in my home.  Alternatively, I will come to present a playshop in a location of your choice for a per person fee plus the price of beads, and can design a playshop to your theme for an additional fee.  Four-hour to day-long sessions or full weekend retreats incorporating beads and spirituality are available.


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