What is Feng Shui?

Energy and the Environment

Feng shui began as the ancient Chinese art of placement. It literally means wind and water, apt examples of the flow of chi, or universal life energy, in the world.

Feng shui recognizes that our physical environments significantly affect our lives in ways of which we may be unaware.

Feng shui helps us to choose, organize and care for our land, buildings and objects in harmony with natural and spiritual energies.

Feng shui looks at how energy is attracted to, contained by, and moves through a space, and makes adjustments to improve energy flow.

Feng shui tools include, to name just a few, furniture placement, room usage, color, design, clutter clearing, balancing the five elements, and the use of specific objects to influence energy (called cures).

Feng Shui assesses the astrology of a building through a system called Flying Stars, and places cures as needed.

Feng shui includes Chinese astrology, referred to as Four Pillars, and a Japanese astrological system called 9 Star Ki that is especially useful for considering directions and timing for travel or moving in order to avoid obstacles and enjoy maximum support for change.

Feng shui can assist in picking auspicious dates for important life or business events.

Feng shui is even more effective when paired with space clearing to cleanse the invisible energy of a space.


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