What's Involved in a Feng Shui Consultation?

An Environment That Supports and Empowers You

The consultation is intended to empower you to create and sustain an environment that embodies and supports your highest intentions. It is also meant to protect you from potentially harmful energies while attracting positive energies.

I visit you and the property to assess the following:

     Your desires and intentions for your life, business and space and which aspects you feel
           need improvement;
     Energy and form of the land;
     Placement, design and floor plan of structures;
     Arrangement and impact of furniture and objects;
     Flow and balance of energy and elements for property and structures;
     Sources of harmful energy, including electromagnetic impacts;
     Exact facing direction of property or building based on feng shui compass reading;
     Reading of energies in 8 major compass directions;
     Building astrology based on flying star analysis;
     Best personal directions for persons living in or using the property.

I make specific recommendations for improvements to create more harmonious and           supportive space. Whenever possible I suggest free or inexpensive solutions.

Depending on the type of analysis you desire and the complexity of the property, I may return another day to make recommendations.


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